Big Data

Data Management Services

Coeus Corp understands that big data is part of a whole solution that includes your existing data management systems. Our expert database consultants know how to build and configure your data infrastructure so that it can manage all of your data-structured and unstructured-cost-effectively. 

          Our extensive expertise in relational and non-relational databases combined with our experience implementing big data technologies, like Hadoop, and NoSQL technologies, like MongoDB and Cassandra, means we can help you develop a reliable solution that enables you to capture and store big data to be used and analyzed at another time.

  • Build and configure your data infrastructure
  • Experience implementing big data technologies
  • Develop a reliable solution

Big Data

Our experts can help you use Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis. Starting from use-case discovery, we will help you figure out where Hadoop fits into your existing data infrastructure. 


Our extensive expertise with both Hadoop and most major relational databases give us both the knowledge and the perspective to know when Hadoop is the correct solution and how to integrate it into existing enterprise data workflows.


  • Adopting new technologies
  • Reduce the cost of ownership
  • Avoid running the cluster over-capacity


We provide both relational and unstructured data experts on-board means that you will get a solution that truly fits your requirements.

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